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Is it time to re-evaluate the role of the TMC?

  • 20 May 2021
  • Guest blogger

In what could be the biggest era of change for business travel, and specifically the role of the TMC, in association with leading mid-office software supplier Midoco, we assembled a panel of leading sector players to ask the question: Is it time to re-evaluate the role of the TMC? Midoco’s David Chappell shares a summary of the discussion.

A first-hand experience as international travel reopened on 17 May 2021

  • 18 May 2021
  • Julia Lo Bue-Said

On 17 May 2021, international travel for UK travellers officially restarted. We wanted a first-hand experience of the total travel experience, so Advantage CEO, Julia Lo Bue-Said booked the first flight out Faro, along with Advantage member, Jackie Steadman from Traveltime World. Read a full summary of Julia’s travel experience including the testing experience and the process at the airport.

Leading through a pandemic

  • 13 Apr 2021
  • Danni de Nervaux

Advantage CEO, Julia Lo Bue-Said, has been featured in a new Senior Women Leaders series ‘Leading during a pandemic’, as part of a Deloitte Inspiring Women Leaders in Travel initiative. Read Julia's story here.

Advantage people: supporting the vaccination rollout programme

  • 19 Mar 2021
  • Danni de Nervaux

Jo Dentry, our inhouse PA, has been on flexible working hours since the pandemic broke out. In December she heard her local Doctor’s surgery needed volunteers for the vaccination rollout in her area, so she signed up. We wanted to find out what had motivated Jo to volunteer and what the experience has been like for her…

Being a female CEO during a pandemic

  • 08 Mar 2021
  • Julia Lo Bue-Said

When I look back over the past twelve months, it is frightening to reflect on how much our industry has been through. We have been challenged like never before.

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