Membership enquiries 

Whether you're interested in joining Advantage or if you're an existing member with an enquiry. Call the number below to speak to a team member now or send us an email and we will get in touch.

Call: 020 7324 3931 


Business Travel enquiries

If you need to speak to a member of our Business Travel Team then please call the number below or send us an email. 

Call: 020 7324 3932


Commercial enquiries

If you are a business partner or supplier, then please call our Commercial Team on the number below. 

Call: 020 7324 3933


Advantage Financial Services enquiries 

Speak to the AFS team about the protection and bonding products on the number and email below.

Call: 020 7324 3938


Advantage Holidays

Call 0808 164 5310 (Reservations & Admin)

Call: 020 7324 3993 (General product queries)



Marketing enquiries 

If you need to speak to the marketing team about our point of sale, direct marketing, door drops, social media or websites, then please use the contact details below.

Call: 020 7324 3934


Press enquiries 

For press enquiries please call the number below.

Call: 020 7324 3988

Email: or

For all other enquiries 

Call: 020 7324 3930


Advantage Travel Partnership
21 Provost Street
N1 7NH


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