History of Advantage Travel Partnership

How Advantage began…

Way back in the mid-1970’s, when the travel industry became fun for everyone and not just for a minority, when Spain and France became the top travel destinations by British holidaymakers and unfortunately when the big players in the industry simply could not sustain such small profit margins and hence ran into financial difficulty, Advantage was initially formed. It was the vision and forward thinking of a number of travel companies that decided being independent required a voice in the industry and thus Liberty Travel was formed.

Where Advantage is now…

This subsequently became NAITA (the National Association of Independent Travel Agents) until the brand was refreshed and updated to Advantage in the late 90’s. In 2013 the Advantage brand was repositioned to a business to business brand to reflect its relationship with its member shareholders and now trades as Advantage Travel Partnership.

Our visionary and forward thinking start has seen us grow from strength to strength and we attribute this success to our dedicated and extremely hard working team.

The Advantage team…

Some of the team have been with us decades, bringing with them an amazing wealth of historical knowledge. Others joined a lot more recently. Together our current team of c. 60 professionals bring both passion and fresh ideas to work every day. We are accountable for everything we do, are trustworthy and honest in our work and share winning partnerships both amongst ourselves internally and with our member partners and business partners.

What Advantage offers you…

Advantage believes in bringing strategic, creative thinkers together who can thrive in a collaborative work atmosphere. Not only do we think, but we do amazing work that challenges the individual and rewards the ability to work outside the box. Our suite of benefits cater for all and ensure we experience an excellent work life balance, care for our health and wellbeing, can avail of superb financial benefits and have exciting career and development opportunities.

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