What makes a good travel agent?

In today's world, time is everything. Many of us want things done quickly allowing little time to consider or to reflect. When we book a holiday we want it to be done in the most efficient way possible, and we expect our travel agent to know this and to know exactly what we want. 

For others planning a holiday can be overwhelming, we need our travel agent to be patient, to nurture us, to advise us. We are placing our trust in them after all. 

To be a good travel agent, you have to know what kind of customer we are, as soon as we walk through the door. 

A good travel agent will be dependent, reliable and flexible. You will know if you get stuck at 10pm with an issue, your travel agent will do their best to answer that call. Personal experience and insight into a destination or a hotel cannot be found online, travel agents will have years of experience and knowledge they will share with you, to help you make the best holiday choice. 

A good travel agent will always be customer-centric. Customer service is everything and a friendly smile offers us reassurance, more than any computer. You need to think bigger picture; we will often be looking for inspiration. From taking the plunge and booking an adventure tour or to ticking off that bucket list, a travel agent will think creatively to meet our needs. This is what they do every day! 

A good travel agent knows the industry, has relationships with different tour operators and WILL get you the best deal they can.  

Trust us, when you find a good travel agent, they will leave you coming back time and time again. 

Advantage is the largest independent group of travel agents in the UK. To find your nearest independent travel agent contact us at [email protected].

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Danni de Nervaux

Marketing Campaign and PR Manager

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