National Travel Agent Day 2023

During the pandemic, Intrepid Travel created National Travel Agent Day as an opportunity for the travel industry to come together and demonstrate their appreciation for the vital role that travel agents play.

This year, our team had the opportunity to travel all across the country to celebrate National Travel Agent Day with some of our wonderful members. It was important for us to recognise and commemorate all our agents for their expertise and hard work.  They are true professionals who are trained in understanding the broad-ranging world of travel, from train travel to cruising, from package holidays to solo tours - there's nothing they won't explore for their clients. It was fantastic to hear just how busy they all were....and probably explains why the treats we delivered were so well received (they all needed the energy boost!) Here are some snaps from the day.

We asked our team what National Travel Agent Day means to them and the importance of celebrating travel agents.

"I had the pleasure of going out and visiting one of our wonderful AMS members Sunlounger Travel on NTAD! It was such a pleasure taking time out to spend some time with our valued members! Over the last few years our industry has been extremely challenging and this year we have seen it bounce back more than we could ever of imagined. A shout out to all of our hard working members who have survived a turbulent few years and have come back stronger than ever! We celebrate each and every one of you!"

Jo Turney, Commercial Manager

For National Travel Agents Day, I visited Eagle Travel in Bedford and took some lovely cakes from a local independent bakery. It was great for me to meet Sue, Charlotte and Sarah in the team and actually gave some helpful advice (which when you live an HR world, and have only been in travel less than a year, can feel little like a fish out of water!).

As this business is local to me, it was important to celebrate this day and see the work they Eagle do for their clients (and me as I will be back to book up for a safari next year!). For a business that initially started in business travel, Eagle Travel has embraced the shift to leisure bookings too.  I was thrilled to be able to let them know about our white-label website offer, and how for a relatively small price per month, they could have a fully bookable platform which was really appealing and Sue was already looking into it! Lovely to meet these ladies, and hopefully they enjoyed the treats and celebrating NTAD!

Xian Mayes, Chief of People                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

You can find your local travel agent here.



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