Discovering Euribia , MSC's Newest Ship

There’s something about sailing the open seas, especially when there’s a bit of swell. Not even a gigantic vessel, conceived and built by the collective intelligence and might of thousands of people can stop the power of Mother Nature. Yet it doesn’t stop to amaze me at how we somehow have created many wonders of sea (pun intended) - floating hotels, and even resorts, safely navigating, perhaps not quite taming, our glorious seas, oceans and rivers. 

I had the pleasure of spending some time on one such ship recently, boarding MSC Euribia for her christening in Copenhagen. As a relative cruise newbie, I’ve not much to compare Euribia to, which is possibly a good thing as I came with no expectations. Through my untrained eye, I could experience her at face value, and I have to say I was rather impressed. 

The efforts MSC are going to and have already gone to, to bring sustainability to the fore are impressive – from the less obvious but super important advanced onboard wastewater treatment system and LNG powered engines, to the more obvious with the bold statement of intent adorning the design on the ship’s hull, which aims to ‘#savethesea’; sustainability is permeating every crevice of the operational infrastructure of this cruise line behemoth. One huge tick in the sustainability box there then!

Thankfully, this effort to push the envelope is apparent in the hardware and service onboard too. The ‘stuff’ that will matter to guests when sailing has been addressed well. From the spacious and comfortable accommodation (even the MSC scent of the shower gel compares to well know luxury soap brands!), to the varied options of bars, restaurants and areas to relax and be entertained. The staff were attentive, the selection of drinks exhaustive, and the food, even in the buffet, was of a high quality and presented well.

Getting the product and service proposition right is by no means a simple feat, especially when you consider the size of Euribia – she’s a big ship, with 2,419 cabins to accommodation up to 6,327 passengers and 1,711 crew. I’ll admit, I struggled to find my way around initially, but, once I found my bearings it was simple to navigate, and I soon felt quite at home, to the point I was considering what life would be like onboard with my own young family in tow. 

As a family we’re more used to a holiday where we can get out and explore, go at our own pace, eat locally and have our own space. Keeping the kids well fed and watered, and constantly occupied are the main considerations for our choice of where to holiday. We’ve never cruised before, and never really considered it, but I have to say MSC may have helped turn my head. 

For families there’s plenty to keep the kids occupied whilst at sea - a fun water park, five pools, seven rooms fully dedicated to entertaining kids of all ages; some rather cool ‘rides’ including a fully immersive virtual reality game, a top-notch F1 simulator and a multi-sensory interactive XD cinema. Plus there’s a bowling alley, sports hall and plenty of other arcade style entertainment to keep either the most avid gamer, or not tech-bothered child happy. There’s also a dedicated live kids entertainment programme, family games shows, and extra space for teenagers to do, well, whatever teenagers do! It’s fair to say, kids and young adults alike will have plenty on offer to hold their attention for a week at sea.

This ship also caters exceptionally well for kid-less adults too. The Galleria Euribia is the perfect place to hang out with a promenade full of eateries, bars and shops, all framed by the spectacular LED Dome at Sea – a feature ceiling that comes alive with different digital content. For some ‘me’ time, there’s the rather plush MSC Aurea Spa, which I’m led to believe will revitalise your body and soul, and then of course there’s the MSC Yacht Club – the ship within a ship, with a dedicated restaurant, lounges, pool and your own 24-hour butler service all adding to the luxury cruise experience.

Let MSC entertain you, and they will! With a raft of shows on offer in the main Delphi Theatre, and the reinvention of the MSC iconic Carousel Lounge, now providing outdoor space and the introduction of a new concept for MSC, the Big Band at Sea – a nineteen piece group of internationally acclaimed musicians and singers, who will ‘swing’ into action each evening, with high quality live performances whilst guests sip on their cocktails and watch the sun set. All sounds good right? 

I was only onboard for a few nights, so it’s fair to say that I did not experience the ship as many guests will. However, if the MSC team can deliver even 80% of what I experienced onboard, guests are going to be bowled over. The range of eateries, swimming pools, entertainment and general facilities MSC Euribia offers all equates to one full package. And, I’m led to believe prices for a family of four are pretty sharp too – so it’s win-win. I’m now left with just one question, and that simply is, why wouldn’t you?


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