Why it’s important more than ever to have the right insurance policies in place for your business

As the travel industry is beginning to recover, Advantage Financial Services (AFS) know how important it is to ensure your customer’s trips take place without a hitch. The first holiday for many after the pandemic will certainly be a memorable one. However, with travel returning, undoubtedly this will bring back the challenges we once faced; delays, cancellations, missed connections, flooding, drought, hurricanes, and terrorist attacks.

We can assist travel agents in sourcing financial protection for your businesses when the customer phones you in distress due to a disruption outside of your control. Advantage Financial Services (AFS) will look to source you an insurance policy that reimburses you for costs due to unforeseen disruptions. The products are called Travel Disruption Cover and Cruise Protection Cover via our A+ AM Best rated insurer.

  • Travel Disruption Cover - what is Travel Disruption cover and how does it help your business?

In the unfortunate event that your customer’s holiday is disrupted because of a catastrophic event, a hurricane or typhoon, and they have to return home the Travel Disruption Insurance will protect your business against any extra costs for repatriating your customer. It will pay for the additional flight expenses or hotel stays when the customer’s holiday is cut short. It will also cover you for any non-refundable unused travel and hotel stays unduly saving you unnecessary costs to your business.

  • Cruise Protection Cover - what is Cruise Protection, and can it help your business?

With cruise holidays growing in popularity, we know more of you are packaging cruises of a lifetime for your customers.  Unfortunately, sometimes events happen beyond your control that adds costs to the trip that are paid by you, such as a delayed flight preventing your customer from boarding the ship where you must get them to the next available port to join the cruise, in this instance the Cruise Protection policy will cover this additional cost. Another scenario where you will be covered is if the cruise is cancelled due to high or still waters, these extra costs to your business will be covered by the insurance.

We also offer a combined policy that provides all the benefits of Cruise Protection Cover with the addition of Travel Disruption Cover.

Should you wish to consider protecting your business against travel disruptions please contact Nisrin Mustafa, who is our dedicated insurance broker or me. 

You can contact us by phone or email the following methods:


Nisrin Mustafa

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Heather Haggis

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AFS is wholly owned by the Advantage Travel Partnership and is both an insurance company and a broker for industry-specific products and services.

To find out more about our products and services, please visit www.advantagefinancialservices.co.uk.

Heather Haggis is Head of Advantage Financial Services (AFS)

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Heather Haggis

Head of Financial Services and Insurance Broking for Advantage Financial Services (AFS)

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