AI and ChatGPT will continue to transform the way in which travel agents work

AI and ChatGPT seem to be the new buzzwords right now, a bit like ‘big data’ was a few years ago – I do wonder whatever happened to that. The reality is that systems and solutions such as the Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) and online travel agencies (OTAs) have been developing and deploying AI, automation and chat solutions for over a decade, whether it’s improving fare searches or enhancing the customer experience at the point of sale through ‘live’ interactions. 

One thing for sure is AI, ChatGPT and automation aren’t going away, and this ever-developing technology will find use cases across every aspect of our industry and continue to transform the way in which travel agents work. Our next technology showcase member meeting is due to take place in November and will focus on this very subject. The event will bring together some of the industry’s leading solutions and subject matter experts, looking at the sharp end of reservation and enquiry management, and automated mid and back-office processes, alongside data mining, reporting and analysis. As with other technology showcases, a follow-up report will be published for our members.  

Since joining Advantage earlier in the year, there has been a lot happening here regarding technology. In March our member technology steering group hosted the first supplier showcase, looking at online corporate booking tools (CBTs), and earlier this summer we invited our friends at Travelport, Amadeus and Sabre to meet the group and showcase their New Distribution Capability (NDC) content.  We will soon be sharing a full report on corporate booking tools following the showcase event.

Our Technology Steering Group helps to guide us through the key tech issues and solutions which are important to our members. Our focus for the future is very much on driving forward our plans in the technology arena to continue exploring a range of technology solutions for the membership.

If you would like further information on technology solutions or would like further support in this area, please contact me at [email protected].

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