Autumn 2023 Statement - UK Outbound Travel

Commenting on the government’s Autumn Statement announced today, Julia Lo Bue-Said, Chief Executive, The Advantage Travel Partnership and Noel Josephides, Director, AITO (The Specialist Travel Association) jointly stated:


“We welcome the key points announced as part of today’s Autumn statement. Anything which reduces the tax burden on businesses and puts more money back in the pockets of consumers is good news for businesses operating in the UK Outbound Travel sector and for those servicing businesses with travel management solutions. The measures announced today are a step in the right direction. 


We also welcome the Government’s continued support for small business and high streets, in particular the business rates support package announced today by the Chancellor.


Whilst the overall tax burden remains too high, we appreciate the fiscal constraints on the government at this point and hope that further reductions to business rates will be announced over time.


Over the last 12 months, and particularly since the end of the pandemic, we have seen a very buoyant UK Outbound Travel industry, and we are looking forward with cautious optimism to 2024 and beyond.  As a vibrant industry, with a nationwide network of distribution that delivers significantly to the UK economy, we very much want to play a part in the growth agenda also announced today and will be looking to continue working closely with government to achieve this.


Advantage and AITO, as UK Outbound Travel continues to engage with politicians and ministerial meetings across the spectrum in amplifying key policy asks for the sector including constituency meetings with over 50 MP across our collective membership. 

The political affairs work of Advantage and AITO, as UK Outbound Travel, continues at pace and we will be announcing further strategic developments in the near future.”

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