Advantage launches new Apprentice Partner

At its annual conference in Benidorm today, The Advantage Travel Partnership announced that it has entered into a new partnership with apprenticeship provider AS Training to provide Advantage members with access to a range of apprenticeship courses.

The range of courses includes customer service, travel consultant and Team Leader/Supervisor courses, which will be relevant to all members.

David Moon, Head of Business Development at Advantage said “The last 18 months have seen huge pressure on travel businesses when it comes to staff recruitment. Apprenticeships play an increasing import role in bringing new talent into the sector, which will be essential in developing the travel industry's future talent and is more important than ever that we lead the way against a backdrop of government funding cuts to level 3 tourism courses.”

Moon continued, “Given the recent announcements around the changing support for training programmes in the sector it’s becoming even more important that we facilitate partnerships like the one we’re announcing. There is a misconception about apprenticeships being relevant just for new to the industry, whereas, in fact, apprenticeships are also relevant for those with many years of travel experience and are looking to enhance and develop the skills they already have”.

Managing Director of AS Training, Michelle Van Sprang said “We are delighted to be working with the largest independent consortium providing specialist apprenticeships. This partnership will enhance the talent pool within travel and establish opportunities for those looking to further develop their career. Building a brighter future together”.

AS Training covers apprenticeship schemes for England, and Advantage is actively seeking apprenticeship partners in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

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