Advantage announces new partnership with business process automation platform provider Lokulus

Advantage members will now be able to utilise Lokulus’ AI-driven platform to enhance customer service, streamline operations and reduce response times.

London, 8 November 2023: The Advantage Travel Partnership has announced a new collaboration with Lokulus, a provider of customer-focused business process automation solutions. Its revolutionary platform has been designed to enhance customer service by increasing efficiency/effectiveness and going beyond simple ticketing solutions to deliver the results clients need. Using established technologies and cutting-edge AI / Machine learning, TMCs can automate workflows, integrate data and provide advanced reporting across multiple systems, channels, and touchpoints.

Delivering consistently excellent customer service whilst navigating a complex travel landscape is a challenge faced by many TMCs. Lokulus’ platform will provide a solution for Advantage members who will now be able to benefit from a comprehensive suite of features to streamline operations and significantly reduce response times in comparison to traditional systems.

The platform will seamlessly integrate with members’ existing systems, including GDSs, and will efficiently manage both simple and complex enquiries to transform how TMCs interact with their customers, whilst maintaining a personalised touch. Using the platform, customer inquiries are categorised and distributed based on priority and supported by contextual information to ensure swift and accurate responses.

The integrated data capabilities of the platform will enable members to gain valuable insights into customer behaviours and preferences, enabling more personalised and effective interactions. Robust reporting tools will provide the data-driven intelligence needed for TMCs to further improve their customer service strategies.

Stephen Baxendale, Technology Partnership Manager at The Advantage Travel Partnership, said: “We’re incredibly excited to announce our new partnership with Lokulus. This is another step forward in the technology capabilities and resources we can offer our members as part of our ongoing commitment to securing fresh, new partnerships and providing the best technology solutions.

We understand the challenges being faced by our members and are always looking to support them through innovative solutions and developing partnerships such as this. Lokulus are at the forefront of providing solutions to empower TMCs and will give our members the tools they need to continue delivering excellent customer service and client management. By working with Lokulus, our members will be able to automate tasks to increase efficiency and focus on what they do best, servicing their clients.

The partnership complements our existing portfolio of technology partnerships and will further contribute to our overall strategy of sourcing and partnering with suppliers to form a complete end-to-end solution for our members. We are focused on continually improving the technology resources and solutions available to members and will be continuing to drive forward with our ambitious plans throughout the coming months and years. We’re looking forward to Lokulus being a part of our journey.”

Thomas Rowland, Head of Customer at Lokulus said: “For over 20 years Lokulus has been on a journey helping clients across retail, financial services and central government leverage the power of AI driven workflow automation solutions. We feel that the innovative, tailored solutions we offer can provide real value for TMCs taking their customer experiences to new levels. Today we’re excited to be taking the next step on that journey by collaborating with The Advantage Travel Partnership. At Lokulus we understand what makes a great customer experience and we’re thrilled to have this opportunity to bring our products and expertise to Advantage’s membership.”

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