Standard membership

Our Standard membership model is geared towards the travel agency, where the business has its own licensing, systems and merchant facilities in place. You retain your own existing brand identity and benefit from all the other products and services we provide, including:

  • Market-leading commercial terms
  • Comprehensive marketing support
  • Financial services (bonding, office/business insurance, supplier failure insurance)
  • Dedicated support from your Business Development Manager
  • Great networking opportunities and events

Our main aim is to ensure that our members operate successful and profitable businesses; and did you know….

  • Advantage is 100% owned by our members, with no private investors, meaning your future is in your hands.
  • We do not compete with members on the high street or online.
  • We have a board made up of elected Advantage members.
  • We are a transparent business with no hidden agendas, and just our members interests at heart.
  • We offer a full package of services including excellent marketing campaigns, great business support and competitive commercial terms.

Marketing Services

Advantage supports members with a wide range of marketing programmes which aim to help you keep your valuable customers, attract new business and build your brand.

We concentrate on three key areas: point of sale, direct marketing, online. All are proven to be the most cost effective and successful ways to reach your customer base. We also provide a valuable marketing support function to your business.

There is a good reason why we consider our marketing portfolio the best in the industry – because it is the best.

Commercial terms with preferred business partners

A partnership with Advantage is an exceptional one. We’ve negotiated commercial terms that are the envy of the industry by developing close, long-term relationships with key business partners.

This means the best deals for our member partners. We have preferred commercial terms with over 180 leisure operators; operators who are leaders in the product sectors in which they trade.

Our comprehensive incentive programme offers tactical opportunities throughout the year. The scheme ensures all members have access to the very best incentives in the market to further enhance their earnings.

Interested In Joining Advantage? Contact Us Today!

If you like the sound of our approach and feel that you could benefit by being treated as an equal partner then we would love to hear from you.

Click on the button below and let us know a bit about your business by filling out a short form and we will get in touch with you.


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