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Collectively, The Advantage Travel Partnership has an annual member turnover of £12.5bn, which we leverage to secure market-leading commercial deals with a wide range of business and leisure travel suppliers including airlines, tour operators, accommodation suppliers, car rental companies, rail operators, ancillary providers and technical solution services. We also support members with a calendar full of meetings, events, and networking opportunities throughout the year. Furthermore, our wholly owned insurance broker provides bond and business insurance products at competitive prices.

In-house, we develop tools to help those that are arranging travel to have everything at their fingertips, making travel planning and booking easier. Membership of The Advantage Travel Partnership gives independent TMCs a powerful and respected voice in the travel industry, recognised by suppliers and customers alike.

The Advantage Travel Partnership is the majority shareholder in The Advantage Global Travel Network, another network of corporate travel experts, on an international scale. It is a global ecosystem of like-minded TMCs operating in more than 83 countries, with the scope to share knowledge and best practices between corporate travel experts around the world

In the 2023 Top 54 TMC list, published annually by BTN Europe magazine, 39 of those listed are Advantage members.

So if you like the sound of our approach and feel that you could benefit by being treated as an equal partner then we would be delighted to hear from you and you can contact us by:
Email: [email protected]

or call 020 7324 3931

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