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Advantage member, Ocean World Travel, is based in Chandlers Ford, just outside Southampton. Their owner and director, Alan Godfrey recently talked to Widgety about his business and his views on the cruise industry.

Here is a snippet from the interview: “Well up until we went into the high street, we were always independent. Advantage, from the last 18 months of working with them, have given us some good value, certainly in terms of the retail side and general trade because we had no commercial deals in place ourselves at all, so the support mechanism for that side of the business is really good. Even on the cruise side, I’ve been really surprised at how they’ve actually added value in that area. In previous years that we’ve traded I’ve been slightly cynical, but we should have probably moved into Advantage quite some time ago really if I’m honest.”

Read more about what Alan had to say in the full article...

Read part 1 of the article here.

Read part 2 of the article here.


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