Advantage launches first e-learning platform

New partnership with Travilearn™ is latest addition to Training Academy for members

Advantage Travel Partnership, the UK’s largest independent travel agent consortium, has today announced a partnership with Travilearn™, the corporate travel industry’s first global online learning platform, to launch its first e-learning course for members with a range of courses and toolkits designed specifically for business travel.

The introduction of the e-learning platform will enhance the consortia’s existing The Advantage Training Academy, providing choice for members to select a preferred learning method and creating the potential for blended learning experiences in classrooms and online.

The collaboration follows growing demand by Advantage members to attract and train new and existing employees with the skills needed in the corporate travel sector. Members will benefit from Advantage’s early learner special rates, allowing them to work towards the certified diploma.

Research by Travilearn™ has shown that e-learning can save 60% of time compared to classroom-based courses. It also reduces associated travel costs, allowing businesses to invest more in staff training. With 67% of modern learners preferring to use mobile devices to study, often while commuting or at home rather than at a desk, higher retention rates are also achieved compared to classroom courses, demonstrating clear advantages to investing in digital learning.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, Chief Executive Officer of Advantage Travel Partnership, commented: “We’re delighted to partner with Travilearn™ to allow our members to invest in equipping employees with the skills needed to succeed in the industry of corporate travel. These specialist courses not only provide valuable professional development but are designed in a way that both suits modern learning styles and fit with the busy working environment.”

Karen McKenna, Founder and Managing Director, explains how Travilearn™ helps a wide range of learners, from TMC and supplier staff and management, to transitioning leisure staff. “Strong global growth in the corporate travel sector has increased the demand for staff and good management, and organisations are struggling to attract candidates with the right sets of skills. Those already in the industry also need to have on-demand access to the type of training that provides them with the knowledge for career advancement and personal development”.

The collaboration with Travilearn™ will initially provide Advantage Travel Partnership members with access to discounted rates on the following specialist courses, all certified by the Guild of Travel Management Companies (GTMC):

  • Level 1: Introduction to Corporate Travel
  • Level 2: 21st Century Travel Management
  • Level 3: Lead, Engage, Transform

Each course is delivered online using highly interactive content, including videos, infographics, audio and quizzes, with narrative modules featuring case studies and helpful tips that test and build the learner’s understanding. Learners are supported by virtual instructors, who engage and interact with them using collaborative discussion boards, as well as marking assignments and providing feedback on progress.

Karen added, “We created our courses so that learners can have access to structured and certified e- learning at a moderate price. The courses are designed to contribute to their professional development throughout their career.”

Courses will be accessed via The Advantage Training Academy, which brings all learning and development for Advantage members together in one central location. The Academy provides a mix of classroom and online training, plus training partnerships to provide bespoke courses and industry recognised accreditation for members.

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