Announcing the arrival of Advantage Holidays

Advantage Holidays is the Advantage Travel Partnership’s fully-bonded ATOL solution, which joins Cruise & More in offering competitively-priced product exclusively for Advantage members.

Gateway2 is the new innovative solution, designed to not only enable members to improve efficiencies and dynamically package products themselves, but excitingly provides the platform from which they can now create tailor-made packages through Advantage Holidays, filling the product gaps they may not otherwise be able to package through current business partners. 

Advantage Holidays has been made possible by the significant investment which Advantage has placed in creating its brand new Gateway2 booking platform. 

Advantage Holidays, supported by Gateway2, is the new way for members to search, book and deliver fully-bonded holidays to their customers under a central ATOL. With its stylish look, and intuitive ‘user-journey’, Advantage is confident its members will love what Advantage Holidays will offer them.

Advantage Holidays will provide members with all the flexibility, support and assistance the membership needs, empowering them to tailor-make package holidays to suit their customer’s needs; with flexible holiday duration’s, flights from regional airports and over 200,000 hotels to choose from. 

Advantage is running a launch campaign to raise awareness and promote the benefits of Advantage Holidays to encourage members to commence booking Advantage Holidays for their customers.

Members will be incentivised by way of a competition to get creative with their Advantage Holidays windmills with a number of fantastic prizes on offer. They will be asked to post a ‘creative’ picture or short video featuring their Advantage Holidays windmill. 

Following a successful set of pilot groups, going forward, Advantage will be organising steering groups with the membership to ensure Advantage’s technology agenda continues to enhance and develop further for the members.

Managing Director, Julia Lo Bue-Said said: “We are delighted to report Advantage Holidays is in its final stages and is ready for members to use. Our focus now is ensuring our members are fully aware of the benefits and potential this new solution can provide them.”

“This engaging multi-channel campaign using social media and offline and online channels will leave members feeling motivated and inspired to commence booking Advantage Holidays and discover the benefits and possibilities of the solution for themselves.”

“The development of Gateway 2 and the introduction of Advantage Holidays represent major investments in securing the future prosperity of the business for the benefit of both our members and business partners…and this only just the start of our exciting and ambitious technology journey”

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