Advantage and WIN announces the first UK partnership with Thrust Carbon


The partnership will provide global business travel members with an innovative sustainable travel solution

London, 31 July 2020 – The Advantage Travel Partnership, the UK’s largest independent travel agent and travel management company (TMC) consortium, has entered into a new partnership with Thrust Carbon, a smart tech solution supporting travel sustainability.

In answer to the increasing demand from clients to track carbon consumption and support with offsetting initiatives Advantage and WIN Global Travel Network have partnered with innovative company, Thrust Carbon to provide clients with a platform to input their travel data in order to calculate the carbon produced from all elements of the trip including air, hotel and ancillaries.  Even at a time when the industry is in flux due to the impact of COVID-19 members have indicated that sustainability remains a key priority for their clients today and in the future. This new partnership will ensure members are prepared to deliver on this commitment when travel plans return for businesses.

The platform produces a report which provides an overview of what the offsetting of a group or overall travel could look like.   Clients are then able to access the Thrust Shop to purchase these offsets allowing members to not only promote carbon tracking to clients as well as provide the solution to easily offset and comply with corporate policies requiring sustainable and responsible travel.

Thrust Carbon is a London based, Greentech start-up founded in 2019 with the clear purpose of developing and providing technology solutions for travel sustainability.  The organisation aims to make it effortless to implement and manage a sustainable travel programme based on objectives and conditions deļ¬ned by each customer.

The platform allows a client to calculate and monitor emissions and then offer offsets seamlessly. The platform can be adapted for clients of all sizes and industries.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, CEO The Advantage Travel Partnership said: We know since COVID-19 that sustainable solutions are higher now on the radar of businesses and this will inevitably lead to corporate travel policies being adapted to reflect this important shift. Thrust Carbon enables us to offer effective and swift solutions to our clients in order to meet sustainable objectives and support the movement to tackle climate change now.”

Mark Corbett, director of Thrust Carbon said: "Securing Advantage as a strategic partner is a hugely important moment for our business. We are on a mission to ensure human actions don't have to cost the Earth, and together, with their network and focus on climate action and sustainability, we can make a real dent in the carbon footprint of some of Britain - and the world's - most influential TMCs. Going green needs to be effortless, and together we can deliver this shared mission."

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