Travel Disruption Insurance

Advantage Financial Services is pleased to announce the introduction of a new Travel Disruption Insurance product (including cover for volcanic ash cloud).

This product is a commercial insurance structured in a same way as our current Scheduled Airline Failure and Supplier Failure Insurance. It will cover you, the travel agent as the principal when dynamically packaging and cover financial losses caused by cancellation, curtailment or delay of customer’s travel arrangements due to war (and similar hostilities), natural disasters and industrial action.

In order to apply for this product we simply require you to complete the application form below and return it to us by email, fax or post. We will then respond to you with a quotation for the first quarter premium based on the estimated passenger numbers provided.

Please also find below a list of questions and answers along with a sample policy wording which I hope will answer any queries you have.

At Advantage we are travel people, not just insurers; we understand your needs and talk your language, making life easier! 

If you would like discuss any aspect of this cover please don’t hesitate to contact Andrew or Parul on 020 7324 3938 or [email protected] 

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