Supplier Failure Insurance

Supplier Failure Insurance is designed to provide cover for an agent who dynamically packages against the financial failure of any supplier declared and used in a package and who is not typically bonded elsewhere. This would include hotels, car ferries, accommodation providers, railway journeys, coach journeys, car hire, excursions etc but excluding scheduled airlines for which there is a separate policy.

Are you a member of The Advantage Travel Partnership?

If so, then Advantage Financial Services can provide you with an ad-hoc Complete Supplier Failure Insurance. Just for members this is perfect if you do a small number of ATOL Flight-Plus bookings (no more than 150 passengers a year).

Not a member? 

Our Supplier Failure Insurance product is still available for you and we would love to discuss this with you further.

If you sell more than two elements of travel together you are deemed to be packaging and therefore acting as a Principal. Under the package travel regulations you are financially liable for the failure of any element of the package. Don't forget that even if the customer claims a refund back from his credit card issuer, you could still find yourself out of pocket if the merchant services provider makes a charge back for the consumer refund to your account.

Supplier Failure Insurance provides protection to your agency for any financial loss following the failure of any supplier that you have declared to Advantage Financial Services.

The failure of Goldtrail Holidays,  Kiss Flights and Holidays 4 U and the confusion over consumer protection has emphasised the importance for agents to identify where their exposures lie and how they can mitigate these risks. A number of agents who have Supplier Failure Insurance and were using Goldtrail & Kiss products when dynamically packaging have been able to claim significant amounts to cover refunds for bookings made with these suppliers and repatriation costs. 

You can now also include your Scheduled Airlines under Complete Supplier Failure Insurance which extends to cover the whole package. 

To find out more about how Supplier Failure Insurance can help you protect your agency while looking after your customers contact:

AFS – 0207 324 3938 or email [email protected]

Would you like a  free quote?

If you are interested in receiving a quotation, simply complete the application form and return it along with an excel spreadsheet detailing the following:

  • List of passengers booked per Supplier for a 12 month period (estimated or actual)
  • Total value of bookings per supplier for a 12 month period (estimated or actual)

Download the application form here: 



Please return your form to: Advantage Financial Services, 21 Provost Street, London, N1 7NH.

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