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Business Travel Insurance: Facts and fiction

In a recent TMC Strategy Group, a number of agencies advised the Advantage team that due to the current climate, their clients are starting to ask questions on business travel insurance. Through further investigations, some of these clients do not have adequate insurance in place and are relying on either their leisure policy, the employees leisure policy or a credit card. The TMC’s asked us for assistance on how to manage and answer these questions.

We have plans underway to look at a business travel insurance scheme that you can access and sell to your clients as an additional TMC value add.



Supplier Failure Insurance

Supplier Failure Insurance is designed to provide cover for an agent who dynamically packages against the financial failure of any supplier declared and used in a package and who is not typically bonded elsewhere.

Scheduled Airline Failure Indemnity (SAFI)

Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance has proven to be an invaluable protection for Advantage members.

Car Hire Excess Insurance

Advantage has developed a unique product to resolve the issue of excess hire charges incurred by their clients. Advantage’s Car Hire Excess Insurance product is a cost-effective enhancement to clients car hire booking and is exclusively available to Advantage members.

Cruise Protection Cover

Providing financial protection for your business when your customer misses their connection to join their cruise.

Travel Disruption Insurance

This product will cover you, the travel agent as the principal when dynamically packaging and cover financial losses caused by cancellation, curtailment or delay of customer’s travel arrangements due to war (and similar hostilities), natural disasters and industrial action.

Package Travel Regulations

Office and Combined Liability Insurance

Advantage Financial Services now work with leading suppliers in this arena. Find out how you could benefit from working with AFS

Insurance/Financial Failure Insurance

All tour operators / principals are liable for consumer protection under EU package travel regulations. Find out how AFS can help you...

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