Passenger Shipping Association Bonds


  • The Passenger Shipping Association (PSA) is the Trade Association for the cruise and ferry companies operating from the UK. The aim of the PSA is to promote travel by sea and river to the public, ensure expansion of passenger travel by sea and river and ensure the passengers travel in a safe, healthy and secure environment.

The Independents' Advantage Insurance Company Limited via Advantage Financial Services Limited is approved by the PSA as a provider of bonds for cruise lines.

As independent brokers, Advantage Financial Services Limited (AFS) can obtain competitive quotations for all of the above bonding requirements. AFS has exclusive access to the Independents' Advantage Insurance Company Limited, with a fast turnaround, normally within 48 hours and is the single port of call for all your bonding needs.

At Advantage we are travel people not just insurers; we understand your needs and talk your language, making life easier!

Download an application form: 



You can email it back to: [email protected] or post it to: Advantage Financial Services, 21 Provost Street, London, N1 7NH.

To get a quote of to discuss your requirements please call AFS on 020 7324 3938.

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