IATA Bonds


  • IATA''s mission is to "represent, lead and serve the airline industry".
  • IATA brings together approximately 265 airlines, including the world''s largest airlines. Flights by these airlines compromise 94% of all international scheduled air traffic.

AFS has excellent relations and regular dialogues with IATA and are able to quote in isolation of other bonds.

What do companies say about us?

"Thank you for your valued assistance in obtaining the IATA bonds. I had heard stories of frustration and delays being the norm when setting up bonds and was therefore not looking forward to the experience.  Perhaps the people I had heard this from did not put their business through you.  I have found your service to be friendly, efficient and effective a rare combination these days.  In fact as promised the bond certificates duly arrived this morning. I would certainly recommend your company and you personally to anyone requiring a first rate service".  Robert Andlaw, Director, Pressplan Travel Limited

As independent brokers, Advantage Financial Services Limited (AFS) can obtain competitive quotations for your IATA bonding requirements with exclusive access to the Independent Advantage Insurance Company Limited and a fast turnaround, normally within 48 hours, we are the single port of call for all your bonding needs.

At Advantage we are travel people not just insurers; we understand your needs and talk your language, making life easier!

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And you can email it back to: [email protected] or post it back to us at Advantage Financial Services, 21 Provost Street, London, N1 7NH.

To get a quote or to discuss your requirements please call AFS on 020 7324 3938.

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