Bonding Products

ABTA Travel Agent & Non Licensable Bonds

As independent brokers, Advantage Financial Services (AFS) has over £22 million placed and is always cheaper than ABTA's own TABRS for retail bonds.

Airline Bonds

As independent brokers Advantage Financial Services Limited (AFS) can obtain competitive quotations for your airline bonding requirements.

ATOC Bonds

Advantage Financial Services Limited is able to supply ATOC rail bonds and can obtain competitive quotations.


As independent brokers and an AAC premier partner, Advantage Financial Services can obtain competitive quotations for your ATOL bonding requirements. Maximise your time and options by calling Advantage and we will obtain the best quote for you.

IATA Bonds

AFS has excellent relations and regular dialogues with IATA and are able to quote in isolation of other bonds.

Passenger Shipping Association Bonds



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